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Web hosting: Which is the host with the most?

You want to publish a Web site you do? Welcome in the Club. These days it seems that almost everyone has a website, a kind, and thousands more continue every day to start. Difficult it is enough to design a website and fill it with interesting content, but if all a further challenge is said and done – where host it?

A popular choice for novice webmasters and even experienced ones, is a free hosting plan with a company like Yahoo! Geocities, to secure tripod or Angelfire. While these are easy to Setup and free, you have constraints. Most free hosts offer not all nice features that paid host FTP access, CGI-BIN or your own personal domain name to do. Instead connect you with minimal set of features and a generic URL as [http://www.freewebhost.com/marcswebsite]. This limits your potential of Web Site?s something. Most free hosts require to make banner ads or pop-up ads on your site, these banners run trouble – and pop-ups obstruct the view of your Web page can and eventually annoy visitors and continue. Finally the most free hosts have a daily bandwidth limit, which is very small, so if you get lots of traffic will probably exceed the allocated bandwidth and your website is temporarily disabled. Overall, I recommend free Web hosts for people who are new to Web hosting and want to get a feel for how. I would also recommend you for websites, personal nature (such as an online journal) as well as Web sites that do not plan to generate any revenue. Free Web hosts are a great springboard to paid web hosts – I even start building web sites using free hosts four years ago, and today I run several high traffic websites that are hosted on paid web hosting plans.

Now it’s time to get into the good stuff – paid web hosting. Web hosting company, the money for your services free of charge are plentiful on the Internet and have a variety of hosting packages at different price points. First we start with so called “Budget” Web hosts that claim for just $1 per month the world offer. Many such companies used I had I feel you proceed with caution here say, since these companies all are cracked up to be. Many claim to offer 24 / 7 email support, in my experience turned out to 0 / 0 e-Mail support. My E-mails were either never answered, or answered a week after I sent you. Even if I got a reply it was generic nature and totally useless. You also expect resale of space on a different Web server you have no control over the frequent outages with these budget web hosts as you rarely even your own Web server have often you are. A budget web host I used went unexpectedly for 6 days, and you even bothered to notify your customers Didn?t. As a result, my Web site was for 6 days and I lost most of my traffic and my hard earned quest search engine rankings. Lesson learned: If the answer is important, budget web hosting reliability and success of your website for you may. This is not to say that all budget web hosts poorly are 1dollarhosting.com is one of the leading budget web hosting arena and has a very good reputation.

The next type of paid web host is, I refer as a “middle class” Web host, which means that you, offer prices and service which satisfies the majority of sites out there. Mid range Web hosts such as PowWeb, your Site.com and iPowerWeb offer packages from $5 to $8 per month and the tools, most webmasters of a Web site must perform such as: CGI-BIN, tons of email addresses, FTP support, visitor statistics and much more. These hosts have limited monthly bandwidth, but the boundaries are quite high, and most websites will never reach you. However, if your site features hundreds of file downloads and gets decent traffic may be shocked how fast this bandwidth limits will reach you. If you do, your site can be shut down temporarily, or you have to pay bandwidth overage charges that can get expensive. Overall though, are mid range Web hosts satisfactorily for 90% of sites out there and in General provide excellent availability/reliability. In fact, many Web based companies succeed with a mid range Web host. As mentioned above, transport to get but, can find a mid range host fits your needs the Web pages, the large files to download or Web sites, the a tremendous amount of. These types of sites requiring “High End” Web hosting solutions, the next issue in our discussion.

High end Web hosts typically service Web sites that are extremely popular, have a high amount of traffic and/or require pretty much 100% uptime. Most companies rely their sites on Web hosts host. Rackspace.com is an example of a well-known high-end Web hosting company. Prices for high-end hosts varies but usually takes from about $50 per month to several hundred dollars per month. Many high end hosts give you your own dedicated server (you support) is reserved only for you and your Web site. The mid range hosts that I usually previously discussed many different Web sites on the same server – host is hosting known as “shared”. High Web hosts provide stellar reliability, bandwidth, and just about every tool you ever need be, to run a successful Web site. Another feature high some Web hosts provide is hosting “Co-location”. In this scenario, you configure and the Web server, but you get it connect deploy in your data center/network. This can be very nice because your data center has usually a fiber optic connection directly to the Internet, a flaming bandwidth and stellar reliability. People, Web based companies or extremely popular, high traffic Web sites running, are good candidates for high end Web hosting.

Hopefully a good picture of different types of Web hosts that are available this brief overview gives you and you may be right for you. If you start looking for a Web host, keep always in mind the old adage “you get what you numbers” because really in this case keep it true. You must take some time before the obligation to host, Web site and analyze what you want from the Web site and decide which success factors are most important. You get the answers to these questions many steps closer to the choice of Web host for you.

Marc Eberhart is an IT project manager, webmaster and all-round Internet junkie. His website http://www.webhostingdiscounts.net/ offers visitors 40% discount webhosting plans with top rated hosting companies.

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