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Affiliate marketing – role of partners, advertisers and affiliate marketing network

Affiliate marketing is a new era in advertising. Affiliate marketing has completely revolutionized the marketing concept. Earlier but today buy a company to promote their products on your own sites, Prime space on other websites to display your advertising. A product is advertised by two or three people in the affiliate marketing online. The first is called advertiser, secondly the affiliate and the third network is professional.


The company is looking for websites to promote your product, is called an advertiser in affiliate marketing. Although it can display advertising on your own site, but with high traffic websites through affiliate marketing means more customers that.


The site owner or Publisher space for displaying advertisements to advertisers on its Web site provides Prime that is an affiliate site in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing network provider

You will find the decisive role in the affiliate marketing affiliate marketing network provider. It is a common platform to both advertisers and partners. It is his duty to maintain a relationship between the two.

The advertising company may have its own website, but display of advertisements on your own Web site is not the concept of affiliate marketing. On the other hand, affiliate should try to generate maximum volume of traffic to your site. Only high traffic websites can generate for advertisers and money for affiliates in the affiliate marketing business.

Phenomena of affiliate marketing

An advertiser may search affiliate through many ways, but the best way is to use a network. Advertisers and affiliates to join an affiliate marketing network service providing companies by spending a small amount. Affiliate marketing network vendors display their ads on high volume traffic Web sites advices advertisers. It is partner site counter controls the affiliate marketing network that a traffic so that the advertised product gets maximum attention. The affiliate marketing network service provider taking care the product website is advertised. For example, if you sell uniforms, then display your ads on educational websites.

Generating revenue through affiliate marketing

If an advertisement on high volume traffic through affiliate marketing, it will surely answer. Affiliate site visitors can click advertising, your contact information left, sign up for a news letter, buy map or its intention to purchase the product at a later date. The affiliate is its share according to the response and the advertiser gets likely customers for its product. We can say that the seller earns money by selling the product and affiliate of answer in the affiliate marketing. Between the two in the affiliate marketing affiliate marketing network provider is revenue. Advertiser makes payment to the affiliate marketing network and payment is more advanced, affiliate site owners. The affiliate marketing network provider keeps a close eye on the reaction of the visitors on an ad. In this way affiliate marketing network is also useful is any dispute between the affiliate and advertisers avoid.

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